What Millennial Women Really Think About President Obama

Ahead of tonight's State of the Union address, President Obama's final one, Refinery29 surveyed 500 readers to learn what issues they most want him to talk about. We found out how you feel about the president, what you think about his leadership, and what you're expecting from tonight. For the survey, Refinery29 defined millennial women as those who are ages 18 to 34. The survey was conducted by Refinery29 and doesn't represent the views of all millennial women — but we found several opinions that are common among many readers. For instance, three out of four R29 readers hold favorable views of President Obama, while just 15% have an unfavorable opinion of the commander-in-chief. Among both younger and older millennial women, gun control is the single most important issue for Obama to address in his last State of the Union speech. Refugees, terrorism, and reproductive rights also topped the list for both groups.
Of millennial women aged 18 to 24, 55% believe gun control is the most important issue the president should discuss tonight. Of millennial women aged 25 to 34, meanwhile, 59% believe gun control is the key issue.
Conversely, drug laws, family/parental leave, LGBT rights, education, and child care fell to the bottom of the list of issues millennial women hope Obama will mention. As for respondents' overall opinions of Obama, 36% said that "he's steadily fulfilling my expectations," while 34% agreed with the statement, "he's not a disappointment, but I think he could do better." Ten percent, meanwhile, agreed with the statement, "I've never been more dazzled by his leadership." Gun control has been a priority for Obama, especially in recent weeks, so it's likely he'll address the issue in his State of the Union. Last week, the president announced a series of executive actions he plans to take to tighten gun-control laws in the United States.

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