The Only Red Carpet Actress Who Isn’t Completely Shady About Free Clothes

Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock.
Fact: The vast majority of celeb looks we covet (and try to recreate) from fancy events, be it a film premiere, an awards show, or a chi-chi party, are borrowed, definitely not bought. Leave it to Amy Schumer to be the very rare exception to that unofficial rule of the whole Hollywood rigmarole. The comedienne actually shells out for some of her red carpet looks instead of solely dressing in loaned getups for the swanky stuff on her calendar. Schumer’s stylist, Leesa Evans, dished to The New York Times about the star’s surprising penchant for paying up for some of her style. “A lot of the time, the loaner option isn’t what [Schumer] likes best, so she isn’t going to settle on that,” Evans told the newspaper of her client’s tendency to literally own her looks. The hilarious actress “likes her dresses sleek, sexy and soignée,” The Times writes, calling her fashion choices “no laughing matter.” Also, Schumer has a “simple” approach to her step-and-repeat numbers, according to Evans, and it’s refreshingly not about wearing the absolute latest styles to hit the selling floor — or looks that are so new, they aren’t even available for mere plebeians to empty their bank accounts for yet. “We don’t talk about what’s current season or next season. We don’t even care. We just choose the dress she looks and feels the best in,” Evan says. If anyone’s going to do her part to cut through the smoke-and-mirrors BS of the gigantic machine that is celebrity dressing, it would be Schumer. After all, she underscored her total badass-ness in September, when she cleverly shut down that inane “who wore it best?” take on pitting (mostly female) celebs in the same outfit against one another. Now, we just have to figure out which consignment store is stocked with her castoffs.

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