Do You Know About The Fashion Sandwich Trick?

Aside from the humans in my life, I think that the two things that I love most of all might be fashion and sandwiches. It's just luck that I ended up as a fashion editor — had I taken a different turn in my life, I could have just as easily been writing about sandwiches. Rarely, though, do these two topics conflate, but you can leave it up to me to scout out those rare instances. Here is one. Here is another. And here — this slideshow — is my favorite styling trick of the moment.
Here's how it works: You choose a color to act as your "bread," the enveloping foundation of your outfit. Then, choose an item to be an extra color. That's your "filling." Like most sandwiches, the filling should be somewhere between the bread slices, which could be an underlayer peeking out beneath a sweater, a shirt worn underneath a jacket, or even a bold belt that breaks up a monochromatic outfit. The effect is a high-impact outfit that has all the allure of a monochromatic look, but the addition of the filling gives it fun depth and dimension. For a how-to on doing this for yourself, click through.

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