Donald Trump’s Latest Tweet Implies That Paris Is In Germany

Does Donald Trump need a geography lesson? That's the question most people are asking after the GOP frontrunner's latest tweet. "Man shot inside Paris police station. Just announced that terror threat is at highest level," he tweeted on Thursday, after reports that a French cop shot and killed a knife-wielding man who tried to attack a Paris police station.
The problem? Trump concluded his tweet with, "Germany is a total mess... GET SMART!" Unfortunately for Trump, the French capital is not in Germany. Naturally, the hashtag #ParisIsInGermany started trending on Twitter, as Trump's critics took aim at the billionaire for his geographic gaffe.
"BREAKING: Angela Merkel surprised to find she has been responsible for Paris all this time. oh, Trump. You dangerous fool," one user wrote. "Has anyone ever seen Donald Trump and Sarah Palin in the same room? Interesting. #ParisisinGermany #RussiaisinAlaska," reads another post.
"I guess when Donald Trump's career eventually dries up he could become a geography teacher? #ParisisinGermany," was yet another joke posted to the social network. There were also some pretty fantastic memes. The best being this one:
Trump supporters were quick to respond, saying that Trump was in fact referring to crime in Europe, as a whole.
"Like him or hate him, Trump was talking about two different situations. If you believe he thinks that #ParisIsInGermany then you need help," one person wrote. "Sorry all, this isn't a Trump gaffe, he doesn't think Paris is in Germany — he's referring to two different incidents," another tweeted. Regardless, #ParisIsInGermany is still trending, and Trump has not responded to the criticism on Twitter. A word of advice for anyone running for President of the United States: most Americans like it when their president isn't geographically challenged.

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