Kim Kardashian’s Natural Beauty Picks Are Spot-On

Pregnancy can make you crave a lot of things — pickles, spicy food, ice cream — but scents are typically not on the list. During those nine months, a heightened sense of smell makes even the most innocuous aromas into evil, stomach-lurching ones. But Kim Kardashian West claims she found her antidote: rose.
"I fell in love with the scent of rose during my last pregnancy, when every other scent was making me nauseous," she wrote in the latest post on her website. "I still haven't gotten over it. I just love it!"
The star offered a generous roundup of her favorite rose products, which include several spot-on natural picks (makes sense, given that she was pregnant when she discovered them). Whether or not you're expecting, you'll want in on these, trust. (And hurry: Thanks to the Kardashian effect, many of them are already selling out.)

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