Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik Become Snapchat Official, Warm Our Cold Hearts

Ah, the flowering of young love. While it used to be that the ultimate marker of a relationship was going Facebook official, there is a new waypoint. Snapchat Story Official. It’s more intimate than Instagram (because you don’t Instagram nudes, duh) and more permanent because it’s on your feed for a full 24 hours. Snap Story Offish means that you can officially assume that the Sunday brunch invite is on until further notice. Snap Story Offish means that all Instagrams posted of you and your sweetie are officially now couples pics. This most recent post follows a topless Zayn photo a few weeks after their first official selfie. These two are fast ticking off all the social media boxes. For example: When Gigi Hadid posted a video of Zayn giggling and saying he wouldn’t do “it” again to her Snap Story, it was almost as big of a step as when they went apartment shopping together. What is living in Soho when you are linked on Snap fo-sho? We’re just kidding. Living together is definitely more significant. Well, less significant than Facebook official, but it’s a step.

#GigiHadid just posted this video of #ZaynMalik on snapchat! (itsgigihadid)

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