Gigi Hadid’s Topless Shot Of Zayn Malik Is Awfully Catty

A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

Oh, Gigi and Zayn. Must you tease us so? Apparently, you must. On January 2, the ubiquitous Ms. Hadid took to Instagram to share an intimate pic with her 11 million-plus followers: a shirtless Zayn Malik in black and white, petting her kitten with his man bling on display. Although the black-and-white shot cuts the head off of the fellow in the frame, we can tell it's the former One Direction crooner from his copious tattoos and jewelry — no caption necessary. Now, the cat in question here appears to be Cleo Hadid — Gigi's kitten, who happens to have her own Instagram account (@therealcleohadid) with 12.4K followers. In one of Cleo's posts, she shares that her hobbies include: "hanging out with @gigihadid and sleeping." Things over which she and Malik can evidently bond. The interwebs has been quick to point out the clever cropping by Hadid in this shirtless Malik snapshot: Malik's most famous bit of ink is a tattoo of his former fiancée, Perrie Edwards, on his arm. That doesn't quite seem to make it into the frame here...darn it! A few days earlier, on New Year's Eve, Hadid tweeted an image of herself wearing a Bradford City AFC football club sweatshirt, shouting out to Malik's favorite team. Malik tweeted that "It's a lil old," referring to the outdated style Hadid was sporting. Bradford City AFC graciously offered to send Hadid a current version.

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