Please Let This Friends Romance Rumor Be True

Photo: CROLLALANZA/REX Shutterstock.
Some tabloid news is the stuff of nightmares, and some of it seems to come from our own personal wish factory. This latest rumor is beyond our wildest '90s dreams: Friends stars Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry are said to be hooking up, according to an anonymous insider speaking to that bastion of truth, Star magazine (via Woman's Day Australia). Earlier this month, Cox reportedly split from fiancé and boyfriend of two years Johnny McDaid, guitarist for the band Snow Patrol, and the source says she turned to her former co-star for solace.

Immediately, we've been transported back to 1998, when Monica needed a pick-me-up before Ross' wedding and Chandler delivered more than she'd bargained for. This has us so torn. Basically, we hate re-reporting this kind of story, but we want so badly for the most perfectly quirky couple of our childhood to exist IRL. Cue all sorts of "He's her lobster!" squeeing.

Plus: If they were really getting together on the DL and too embarrassed to admit their relationship to their friends (i.e. us), how many other things from the '90s might also come true?

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