A Friends Reunion Isn't Happening & It's All This Star's Fault

Photo: Courtesy Warner Bros. Television.
Someone didn't get that "I'll be there for you" message. And that, kids, is why we won't be getting a Friends reunion. 

Courteney Cox discussed the possibility of the cast of the hit '90s sitcom reuniting in a new interview with Yahoo. Turns out, many of the gang were up for a reunion, save for one "flaky" cast member. Could Ross Geller be any more annoying?

"We’ve not really had a Friends reunion," Cox said. "We’ve gotten about 80% there, but there’s always one person who flakes at the end."

Whom might that be?

“I’m not going to name names, but it may not be Schwimmer.”  

Yep. We can all thank David Schwimmer for the fact that we'll never know what happened to Ross and Rachel, or if Joey ever found true love, or if Phoebe had a baby and named it Zephyr Porridge Prism. 

"Dear lord, let it go people, we’re not doing it," Cox insisted, breaking fans' hearts into little pieces. "It’s just not going to happen.”  

Anyone else feel like Gunther after seeing Rachel out on a date? 

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