Watch David Beckham Have A Lightsaber Duel With John Boyega

The Star Wars hype wave has crested and crashed on the beach but we definitely didn’t expect this at all. When John Boyega and David Beckham appeared on Graham Norton’s show, things seemed to be more or less peaceful. That is, until, Norton suggested that Beckham make his kids jealous.

The Sexiest Man Alive picked up a lightsaber in “Manchester United Red” and faced off against Star Wars star John Boyega. We’re not sure if that means conclusively that Beckham is on the Dark Side of the Force, but we’re not willing to rule it out.

Is this a preview of Beckham’s upcoming role in King Arthur? We can only hope that the medieval film has a bit more action. Neither actor breaks much of a sweat, but the sight of Becks swinging his saber around is laugh-worthy for sure.

We don’t know what Beckham will do if Victoria goes on tour, but maybe he’s brushing up for a reenactment of this video? Whatever the case, we’re totally up for Beckham to take a major role in the next Star Wars movie.

David Fisher/REX Shutterstock

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