This Kylie Jenner #TBT As A Toddler Is So Cute We Can’t Stand It

It’s good to know that even Kim Kardashian had something of an awkward phase. In a #TBT posted today by sister Kylie, Kim can be seen hugging Kylie and Kendall as little toddlers.

And that is some adorable side-eye we see out of Kendall. Maybe she saw into the future and predicted that Kylie would date Tyga?

While young Kim may be showing up in media for weird reasons, the Jenner sisters are years and years before their brushes with fame. To give you an idea of how early this picture is: Kylie got her famous scar years after it was taken.

We can also look at this pic as a preview of what’s to come for Kim’s kids Saint and North. They’re at least as adorable as the Jenner sisters were. Modeling superstardom seems all but a guarantee.


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