Amber Rose Reveals Details About Being Sexually Assaulted As A Teen

Photo: Jim Smeal/REX Shutterstock.
Say that you will about Amber Rose's particular brand of feminism (we certainly have). But a story Rose recently shared about being sexually assaulted — and then victim-blamed — as a teenager would enrage anyone.

Rose revealed an incident from her middle school days in Philadelphia, when she was groped inappropriately — and then her story was called into question. "This boy stuck his hand all the way up my skirt. I was sitting on the edge of the stage in the auditorium, and he sat down next to me and put his hand up my skirt," she recalled in conversation with MTV.

"I went to principal, and I told her that I felt extremely violated. I couldn’t believe that he had touched me like that. And she blamed me. She said, 'You shouldn’t even be wearing a skirt like that. Obviously, in the seventh grade, my skirt was not that short — but even if it was, that didn’t give him the right to shove his hand up my skirt."

"I grew up in a very poor neighborhood," Rose continued, "and went to a very poor school, and she made me feel like I didn’t matter." It's a heartbreaking story that's sadly all too common.

Hopefully, Rose sharing this infuriating moment from her own past will help other victims realize that they aren't alone. One thing's for certain: Sexual contact without consent is never, ever okay.

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