Some Miley Cyrus Fans Think She Put Her Dog In Danger

Miley Cyrus loves her puppies. But some of the star's Instagram followers think she might not always know what's best for them, from the looks of a recent Instagram photo. Cyrus shared a picture of her pup Milky, asleep with his nails painted lime-green and what appears to be blue marker streaks across his forehead. Cyrus captioned the photo, "Hippie dawgggg! # milkymilkymilk." But some commenters didn't seem amused by the canine's new look.

Hippie dawgggg! # milkymilkymilk

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One concerned fan wrote, "That's horrible someone take that dog away from her." Another commented, "this is a dog, not a toy!" Some fans did come to Cyrus' defense, pointing out that the "Wrecking Ball" singer likely meant no harm to her pet. Some critics also seemed unsure as to whether the marker would be harmful.

We reached out to the ASPCA for comment, and were told that without knowing the specific circumstances, they would be unable to assess whether Cyrus' doggy art was, in fact, dangerous. If the experts need more details to lay down a judgement, her Instagram followers probably can't be certain, either.

Milkyzzzzz ear still smelllllz like baby puppy!

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