Photographer Tracks Runaway Couple After Perfect Proposal Pic

UPDATE: Found them! Thanks guys!! So this happened yesterday during my shoot at the Fort Worth Japanese Garden. The...

Posted by Mike Mezeul II on Thursday, December 10, 2015

Intimate moments, such as impromptu marriage proposals, rarely get immortalized in picturesque photos. One north Texas couple hit the jackpot, however, when photographer Mike Mezeul II captured their put-a-ring-on-it moment at the Fort Worth Japanese Garden this Wednesday.
Mezuel, who was using the picturesque location for a photo shoot, happened to come upon the couple on a bridge, as the groom-to-be knelt before his future bride. Seizing the moment, Mezuel snapped a photograph that is pure magic — green shrubbery, a charming wooden bridge, fiery fall hues in the trees and reflected in the river beneath, and one twosome enjoying a magical moment together.

It was the definitive "picture perfect" setup and Mezuel was eager to share the photo with the newly engaged couple. Alas, it wasn't going to be that easy...
"I thought: What a beautiful scene. So I rattled off a few frames," Mezeul told Dallas-Fort Worth's NBC station. "I then had to get back to taking the [family's] portraits and never crossed paths with the newly engaged couple after that."

Mezuel shared the picture on Facebook with the caption, “The couple ran off before I could get over to them to share the photo. So, if you happen to know a friend who got engaged yesterday here, have them shoot me a message! Feel free to share if you'd like.”
"When I got home, I took a peek at them and realized just how happy they were and that's when I decided to post online to see if I could track them down so they can have the images to remember their moment," Mezeul continued. "All I've done so far to try to track them down is post on social media, as I know it's an extremely powerful resource."
After 198 shares and 2,593 likes, Mezuel connected with the couple. One commenter suggested the couple should hire Mezuel to take photos at their wedding. If he could capture such a candid moment, imagine what their wedding album would look like.

Even if the couple doesn’t hire Mezuel, they now have an engagement photo for the record books.

OPENER IMAGE: Mike Mezeul.

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