What Lauren Cohan’s New Haircut Hints About The Walking Dead

Gregory Pace/REX Shutterstock
Actress Lauren Cohan unveiled a gorgeous pixie cut at last night’s Z100 2015 Jingle Ball in New York City. It’s a drastic shift from Cohan’s shoulder-length bob, which has been one of her beauty staples both on the red carpet and on the small screen.

In the midseason finale of AMC's The Walking Dead, Cohan's character, Maggie Greene, revealed that she’s preggers with her husband, Glenn Rhee’s, first child. It was a sweet twist in an otherwise stressful season, during which the audience was led to believe that Rhee was dead for an entire week. The horror! Greene’s currently on a mission to find Rhee, who doesn’t know she’s expecting.

“I just want to see his face,” she confided in Aaron, another character on the show.

Of course, when the series returns to finish the season, we’ll see Greene attempting to track her hubby down.

Most celebrities can alter their hair without causing panic, but such is not the case for Cohan, 33, who plays such a beloved character on such a wildly popular series. Frenzy ensued as soon as Cohan’s new style hit social media. Most devoted viewers of The Walking Dead are wondering what Cohan’s shorter, darker tresses mean for the role and for the overall series.

So what exactly might Cohan’s new haircut insinuate? It could be nothing but a personal style choice, although some fans are speculating that Greene may be killed before the end of the season, now that her haircut now resembles the original character in the comic book series.

Regardless of her character's longevity, chopping a few inches from her famous mane evidently sends The Walking Dead fans into a tizzy — and therefore, Cohan must never change her hair again.


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