How Your Job Could Influence Your Matches On Dating Apps

When it comes to online dating, what makes a person swipe right remains a bit of a mystery. Profile pictures have been singled out as important factors (because duh), but do people ever take a less shallow, more holistic look at prospective dates? Thankfully, new data from dating app Happn suggests that hotness isn't the only thing that matters; your profession might just play a major role in your online search for love.

If you're not familiar with Happn, it's the location-based dating app that helps users connect with people they cross paths with on the street. Rather than asking you to swipe left or right, the app shows you a feed of other Happn users who have been in close proximity to you — people you can then "like" (but they won't find out unless they "like" you too). Think: that barista you haven't had the guts to hit on, or that person at the gym you keep locking eyes with.

After taking a look at the habits of the app's nearly nine million global users, the folks at Happn noticed a pattern with American users in particular: Certain professions were more likely to match with each other — and the common matches weren't always what you'd expect.

Other popular dating apps, such as Hinge, highlight singles at the top of different professional fields, and The League only accepts users who are "ambitious, driven, young professionals." So it looks like your job could help you gain a little insight into how you'll fare as an online dater — and which professionals you may be more likely to match with.

Of course, the frequent types of matches Happn found aren't how things shake out every single time, but at the very least, being aware of these pairings might motivate you to add a few more details to your bare-bones, selfie-filled dating profile.

Here, the most common professions that match on Happn.

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