Apple’s Got A Solution For Your iPhone Battery Woes

Battery life is one of the most important features of a smartphone. You could have the best phone in the world, but if a single charge won't last you a full day, it's just weight in your pocket. There are tricks and habits that can help your phone last longer, but if you live on your phone, that still may not be enough. That's when many turn to a charging case to suit their needs.
Mophie and Boostcase are some of the current leaders when it comes to battery charging smartphone cases. But now, Apple's entering the fray with a charging case of its own: the Smart Battery Case. This $100 case looks almost exactly the same as one of Apple's $35 silicon cases, but on the back, it has a rectangular lump where an extra battery is located. Like most all iPhone charging cases, it's slightly longer than your average case to accommodate for a Lightning connector at the bottom that you plug your phone into, as well as a port for charging the case itself.
You may wonder though: Why is Apple even making a battery case?
For starters, the iPhone accessory business is booming, so it makes good sense profitwise — Apple already controls production of both its silicon cases and iPhone batteries. Now it's just putting the two together in a different way, for even more monetary opportunities. Apple also noticed that a lot of people were buying the iPhone 6/6s Plus solely for the extra battery life. With a case, you can get that battery life, but with the smaller size phone you may prefer. Also, when Apple builds anything, the company has the added benefit of making it tightly integrated into the iOS ecosystem. In the case of this battery case, you can check both its battery life and your iPhone's by swiping down at the top of the screen to access the Notification Center. No app needed, and no LED notifications needed.
For more about this case and how it compares to other battery cases, click ahead.

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