Game Of Thrones Reveals Actual Footage Of Season 6 & It's Missing Someone Important

Photo: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO
Game of Thrones doesn't return to HBO until April, but they're making the wait even harder with a first peek at the upcoming season. We hate to break it to you, but the new footage keeps the whole Jon Snow mystery, well, a mystery.

Last week's teaser for GoT toyed with our emotions by showing Snow bleeding in the snow, just as we last left him in last season's finale, with the voice of Bran Stark explaining, "They have no idea what's going to happen." Basically, a cruel joke, and the god's honest truth.

But HBO has released a supercut of what's to come for the network, and it does offer us a glimpse — a very, very tiny glimpse — of what's about to go down in Westeros, and it definitely involves Ramsay Bolton. So, look out Sansa.

The very quick preview, which starts at the 2:15 mark, just gives us second-long shots of Daenerys looking confused, Ramsay Bolton riding a horse into what looks like a battle, and a pixie-cut Cersei embracing her son and current king of the Iron Throne, Tommen. That's all, folks. Not much to go on here.

But with all the torture on Game of Thrones, did you really think they were going to make finding out what happened to Jon Snow that easy? No way. You'll have to watch the show when it returns April 8 for that.

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