Miley Cyrus Sings "Silent Night" & Reduces Everyone To Tears

One of the secrets to why we as a public are so fascinated by Miley Cyrus is her raw singing talent. And while she may be abandoning red carpets forever, she can still sing the hell out of “Silent Night.”

In this video, the singer is in uncharacteristically demure form, never moving from her sitting position on top of Paul Schaeffer’s piano and showing off her pipes in a way that we rarely see from her these days. It’s a far cry from her more typical artistic work these days. But variance is part of the Miley package.

This song is part of A Very Murray Christmas, a special hosted by none other than Bill Murray. The special was directed by Murray’s Lost in Translation collaborator Sofia Coppola, and is available to stream now on Netflix. We love seeing Murray work with just about anyone, but his subtle silences seem to work especially well in Coppola’s oeuvre.

Meanwhile, performances like these really highlight how far Miley has come from her days as a Disney idol.

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