Kelly Clarkson Has A New Christmas Video

Kelly Clarkson’s Wrapped in Red is two years old, but that didn’t stop the former American Idol from releasing an awesome lyric video for “My Favorite Things.”

The video includes Christmas trees, a shopping trip, and lots and lots of snow. Basically, everything that Christmas is about.

The grand tradition of lyric videos is a fun one, although for my money the best is “Aerosol Can” from Major Lazer. Usually, that indicates that a standard video isn’t too far behind, although Clarkson’s video pretty much takes the cake.

Clarkson’s been through some tough times recently, so we’re glad to see her in the news for positive reasons. Also, her daughter is cute as a button. And who can forget her epic Phantom of the Opera performance?

Still, it’s important to remember that “Since U Been Gone” is basically a perfect pop song. Man. “Since U Been Gone” is a jam.


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