A Swedish Clinic Is Handing Out Penis-Measuring Tapes

Photographed by Fernanda Silva.
In what is surely a simultaneous dream and nightmare situation for the guys involved, a Swedish clinic has started a penis-measuring initiative for young, sexually active men. The Guardian reports that, in response to a fall in condom sales nationwide, the clinic (which serves people 23 years old and younger) is handing out specially designed measuring tapes so that men can know their exact penis size in order to figure out which size condom they should choose. Sweden: bringing locker-room contests to a clinic near you.

Beyond the concern over sales (and the gimmick of it all — who says you need a separate measuring tape for your penis?) the clinic's initiative speaks to a global issue that normally goes unaddressed. Condoms fall off during sex a little more than 5% of the time, and they can slip around unnecessarily about 13% of the time. This is more than inconvenience, and it's not just a funny matter of guys' egos. A condom that fits poorly, to the point that it falls off or even breaks, can lead to STD contraction or pregnancy. Since 2014 saw a major spike in common STDs (such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis) in the U.S., if there's a way to reduce a continued rise in these numbers, it's worth trying.

As with their minimalist architecture, cheap furniture, and meatballs, maybe we should consider copying the Swedish here, too. Going forward, let us hope that all responsible Americans measure their penises and make their condom purchases accordingly.

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