The Biggest Celebrity Tech Fails Of 2015

Everyone makes mistakes, but if you're a celebrity or in the public eye, no mistake goes unnoticed and unscrutinized — especially when it's online. Even for those with professionals handling their Twitter and Instagram accounts, there are always some hiccups.
Misunderstanding are inevitable and people are often eager to take offense and fight publicly. There have been many accidental tweets and social media posts that were widely booed this year. You know, kind of like that time Oprah tweeted from her iPad about how much she loved the Microsoft tablet in 2012?
Anything that gets posted online is there forever. Even if the post or tweet gets deleted one minute after being sent out to the world, you can bet your bottom dollar that plenty of people managed to snag a screenshot.
Word to the wise: double, triple, and quadruple check what you post on social media — especially if you're a celebrity. In the meantime, click through for some of our favorite tech faux pas from 2015.

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