Video Proof That Bieber Fans Are Even Wilder Than You Thought

Photo: MediaPunch/REX Shutterstock.
Let us rank the levels of Justin Bieber fandom, shall we? First, there are Bieber fans. Then there are Beliebers — Bieber fans who also happen to know the lyrics to every song. And then there are true Beliebers, the ones who spend hundreds of dollars to see him live, and maybe even have an Instagram account dedicated to the tattooed singer.

What better arena to marvel at all three levels of Bieber enthusiasts than an early morning Today show performance in Manhattan on a soggy Thursday morning? Some fans even spent the night in the rain back hoping to get a front-row view of Bieber for the performance back in September. (As you may recall, the "What Do You Mean?" singer had a bit of an on-camera tantrum at the end of this particular show.)

To cover this Bieber cult-gathering, SNL sent in one of their most experienced man-on-the-street reporters. A man who was brave enough to withstand the rain, the crowds, and the high-pitched screams, all in the name of journalism — and Bieber. His name? Kyle Mooney. His goal? Conduct the most awkward and cringe-worthy set of interviews with Beliebers you've ever witnessed. Unfortunately, the skit was cut from the show, but at least we have the two-minute clip to share and rejoice in now.

Spoiler alert: Mooney himself becomes a "Believer," as he purposefully misquotes. I mean, who can resist this.
Video via Hulu.

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