Biebs Throws Mini Fit On Today, Proves He's Still Sort Of A Brat

Photo: MediaPunch/REX USA.
Justin Bieber, we want to love you. We really do. We want to believe that you're actually a sweet, sensitive, mega-talent who sometimes gets really emotional during major performances and is secretly pining for a nice girl to snuggle with.

But then you do things on national TV that make it really hard for us to believe you've reformed from your days of deplorable brat-dom.

This morning, Biebs performed on the Today show. He was pretty good. Also, his hair was really blond, because he is a fashion muse now. Then, he approached the corner of the stage, where a camera was doing what it was supposed to do: capturing his performance. This is where things went a little awry, because the singer was obviously put out that the lens was in his way.

"Next time, I won't dance because that camera's right here the whole time," he can be heard saying over his mic while making an annoyed zoom-in motion with this hands. "Might as well not dance. What do I do this for if they're not gonna..." This is when the camera cut off and the network went to commercial, and also probably when some poor producer started silently screaming inside her own head.

Come on, now. Get it together, bud! We all throw tantrums, but we wait until we've taken off our proverbial headsets. Watch the fit go down in the video, below. (ET Online)

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