See These Guys Become Beautiful Disney Princesses

At this point, the iconic Disney princesses have been reimagined in countless ways as this or that, but we here at Refinery29 haven't gotten sick of modern-day versions of the classic characters yet: aged, Kardashian-style, and, most recently, as real women. But we must say, we've never seen the Disney princesses rendered quite like this before. Some super-creative folks over at BuzzFeed transformed five regular guys into the lovely ladies, with the help of makeup guru Kandee Johnson. There's Jasmine, Tiana, Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, and Snow White. You have to admit, they did a damn good job. The makeup is incredible (now, THAT is what we call contouring), and the hair is the stuff of dreams. Plus, the costumes actually fit. (Well, better than usual.) Our favorite part of all, though, is the look of giddy disbelief on the men's faces when they see themselves in the mirror post-princess makeover. We think this dude as Jasmine from Aladdin is the most successful transformation.
But this guy looks genuinely thrilled to be living his inner Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
Here's the video in full — the guys' reactions are pretty priceless. Which one is your favorite?
OPENER IMAGE: Courtesy of Disney.

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