JK Rowling Ends The Debate On Why Harry Potter Named His Son Snape

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Once again, JK Rowling proved she can hold her own in 140 characters as well as she can in a sprawling novel. Just as many Harry Potter readers have pondered, a fan asked JK Rowling why the boy wizard named his second son after such a despicable character like Severus Snape. While Harry himself said "[Snape] was probably the bravest man I ever knew," that brief background was unsatisfactory for many, judging by the spirited Twitter debate it sparked.
With that succinct response, Rowling unwittingly ignited a Twitter-trending Snape debate moderated by the beloved author.
She even had to call for order at one point.
But Rowling's further explanation of Snape's namesake-worthy complexities suggest why Harry honoring him has been a literary decision that's been tough to swallow.
And as Rowling pointed out, naming his son Snape was intended to not only pay homage to the Slytherin, but also soothe Potter's own conscience.
As for fans' concerns being soothed once and for all, Rowling has a hunch the debate won't ever be fully settled. But for her part, she's done discussing the matter.
For now, at least.

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