Tavi Gevinson Talks Feminism In This New Podcast

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Cavern of Secrets is not a feminist podcast; it is not a women’s podcast. Cavern of Secrets is a podcast about extraordinary creative people who are women. Style icon, Rookie founder and Broadway actress (!) Tavi Gevinson is the first guest on this new podcast from Hazlitt, hosted by Toronto-based comedian Lauren Mitchell.

It’s about women, by women, for women, but it’s about so much more than that. And it’s funny.

The first episode gifts us Tavi talking Rookie, and what it was like to grow up on the Internet, and our secret inner lives, and texting misadventures with the parents, and the bizarre buzz around feminism in media. No spoilers, but the episode is full of gems.

Whether you’re of generation Rookie, or you’re of a certain age that gURL.com or '90s zine Sassy were your go-tos, you'll find that Cavern of Secrets has that same vibe. We love to find new podcasts to follow obsessively as it is, but there’s something about podcasts by women, about women, for women that can keep you feeling connected to your inner life when you’re busy adulting.

Introducing its inaugural episode, Lauren Mitchell says, “[Women] have fascinating inner lives. We have fascinating communities. I want to talk to women who are cool, who are doing stuff, who are making art, and I want to know about the process. I want to know about the things that, honestly, most people ignore when they talk to women.”

Listen to Episode 1 of Cavern of Secrets on Hazlitt’s Soundcloud.

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