Kim & Kanye Are Moving & We’re Kind Of Jealous

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It’s a common American problem: moving into your parents house while yours gets remodeled. And America’s first couple — Kim and Kanye — are nothing if not your average American multimillionaire megastars. So we can all feel for them when they decided to trade up from their old ramshackle fixer-upper to a more spacious home to accommodate the upcoming member of their little clan. Their starter home was eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms on three-and-a-half acres and included only a single vineyard. They bought the house in 2013 for $9 million and spent another $2 million on remodels. (The pair lived with Kim’s mom Kris in Calabasas during the remodel but will presumably be taking their new family up the road to Hidden Hills shortly.) Now they’re asking for a charitable $20 million. TMZ reports that LA real estate insiders think they’ll get it, due to its neighborhood — hint: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was set there — and the skyrocketing cost of LA real estate. Kimye will move across town to a slightly more spacious eight bedroom, ten bathroom, two pool, two vineyard (gotta have that second vineyard) fixer-upper. Kim and Kanye have also bought the property next door for roughly $2.9 million so Kanye can have, among other things, a recording studio to write some songs. (Note to Kanye: Please finish Swish. We are waiting.) "When we bought our Bel Air house, we didn't have a baby, we weren't even pregnant," Kim told People. "After you have a baby, you realize that you need so many other things and a different kind of space. So being in the city is a different life. We wanted to be away and have more privacy." Honestly, who doesn’t need more space when they have a second baby coming? We’re really pulling for Kim and Kanye. We hope those crazy kids can make it.

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