You’ll Never Want To Say “I Wish I Could Wear” Again, Thanks To This Ad Campaign

One of the most sneakily self-deprecating phrases uttered while shopping has to be "I wish I could wear..." It's the sort of thing many of us say or think when considering a potentially awesome fashion risk. (Spoiler alert: That kind of negative thinking usually leads to playing it safe, thus missing out on the cool, "risky" item.) We're all about saying f*ck the fashion rules — a wear-what-you-want approach to style that's perfectly expressed in this Amazon Fashion Europe ad campaign, shot by Rankin.
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Fashion Europe/YouTube.
Starring London Tall Girl blogger Marsha Campbell, plus-size activist Ana Pizarro, and Ingrid Behague Sockeel, a model with albinism, the ad depicts a diverse trio of women sharing — and then completely ditching — the sartorial doubt-inducing phrase. After they describe their "dress for your body type"-esque hang-ups, the trio help three "real women" sift through racks of threads to find outfits that defy their personal style vetos. The self-imposed sartorial limitations in the video include: “I wish I could wear trendy clothes without looking like I’m still pregnant," and “I wish I could wear high heels and not worry about my height.”
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Fashion Europe/YouTube.
Sure, this awesome, body-positive message is being employed by the e-comm giant to simply sell more stuff. But it's certainly a great reminder to ditch that pesky put-down of a phrase the next time you hit the dressing room. Check out the full ad, below.