Meet “The Grindmother,” The Grindcore-Singing Granny You Didn’t Know You Needed

Just another thing to add to the tally of why Canada is cooler than us: They have The Grindmother. Dangerous Minds reports that the 67-year old is the mother of one of the members of Canadian grindcore band Corrupt Leaders. Apparently, her son managed to convince his mom that she was what the band really needed. Late last year, the YouTube page for Corrupt Leaders posted a video called, “My Mother recording grindcore vocals!” In it, the adorable senior citizen alternately shrieks into a microphone and asks her son things like, “So, before it fades out, you do what?” She’s clearly having a grand old time. “I’ll try not to make it sound like I’m having a shit!” she laughs. The Grindmother has apparently been experiencing quite a bit of success; her vocals have attracted the attention of insane rocker and chicken beheader Ozzy Osbourne, who recently tweeted out a link to her video “Any Cost.” She also has her own Facebook page, website, and T-shirts that read, “Listen to Grindmother.” Yes, ma’am! Never has a mother screaming at her son been so sweet. Never change, Grindmother.

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