Alert: Kim Kardashian West Says She Doesn’t Like Thanksgiving Food

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Podcasts are an ever-expanding medium in which thought-provoking conversations can be held, necessary questions can be raised, and a nation can be gripped by a still-unsolved murder mystery. Or, podcasts can be a platform for Kim Kardashian West to gush to fashion industry icon André Leon Talley about wearing high heels during her pregnancy, flying to Paris for her favorite desserts, and building a new closet in her home that she claims looks "a little bit like a Saint Laurent store." So, you know, potato, po-tah-to. In the fifth episode of the new Vogue podcast, Leon Talley gave his muse Kardashian West a 13-minute platform to talk about being on both the business and creative sides of her apps and video games ("It's not an easy job...more difficult than people would even realize," she said), her husband Kanye West's plans for her birthday ("He's not the type to just chill," she explained), and the perils of not documenting things on social media ("It's almost as if it didn't happen, because you didn't post it," she insisted). But the real bombshell came when Kardashian West — who claimed she's having no pregnancy cravings this time around, other than "more carbs than usual" — said she doesn't like Thanksgiving food. "I love the traditions and hanging out with the family, but I don't love the food," she said during the podcast. That's right: Kim has waged a war on Thanksgiving! Listen, we can't believe Sarah Koening wasn't all over this. For true-blue Kim Kardashian West fans only, this particular podcast chat is about as on-brand as possible. But there's nothing super juicy or revealing. Well, except for the unintentionally hilarious discussion about Kim's holiday-themed Instagram book (as she explains, it's her original Instagram book, but with a different cover). Happy Holidays, one and all!

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