André Leon Talley Describes Kim K. In A Totally Shocking Way

Kim Kardashian haters, look away. It's just come to our attention that one André Leon Talley, former Vogue editor and fashion gadabout-at-large, likes Kim Kardashian. Like, he really likes her.
ALT made his feelings known in his latest column for Zappos Couture's ZeeCee blog, calling Kim one of his "favorite muses." He goes on to gush that she is "down to earth, graceful, and totally cool." His paean to Kim's sexy-schoolmistress style culminates in declaring her an "enchanting angel." (We told the Kim haters to sit this one out.)
Talley's words are powerful praise for a woman whose style is usually dismissed with the sexist notion that she's merely Kanye's Eliza Doolittle. Or, who's often shamed for her tendency to, well, wear mesh shirts and flaunt those famous curves. We think it's amazing that an authority of Talley's stature would support someone who so often bears the brunt of fashion's elitist tendencies — even if his proclamation does veer into self-consciously over-the-top, Vreeland-esque territory.
What do you think, reader? Is this — along with Grace Coddington's recent, cryptic comments — a sign that those in the Vogue stratosphere are warming to a Kim Kardashian kover cover? Or, do you firmly believe that any praise to the middle Kardashian could only be a sign of the coming apocalypse? Either way, stay tuned to Talley's column. He promises to name his other favorite fashion muses in the weeks to come.

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