Bette Midler Responds To Justin Bieber’s Diss Like A Boss

Bette Midler does not have time for Justin Bieber and his John Travolta moments. If you haven't been keeping up on the feud between the venerable actress and the teen idol with swoopy hair, Midler sent out a tweet about Bieber's father expressing pride over his son's nude photos. While most of the internet cringed, Midler spoke out against Bieber's dad's absence while his son was growing up. She wrote, "The biggest dick in this situation is the dad who abandoned his son." Strong words, but the Biebs went out of his way to make sure that Midler knew her remarks didn't affect him — that she didn't affect him at all. In fact, he's not 100% sure who she even is! Bieber went so far as to (incorrectly) name-drop Midler in an interview with Billboard, saying, "This Britt Meddler, I don’t even know who that is, honestly. I wanted to immediately say ‘Who is this lady?’, but then I’m just fueling this negativity." Midler made light of Bieber's mispronunciation in a tweet yesterday, writing, "Britt Meddler! I don't know who that is either! But damn that bitch!"
Midler has seriously been on her Twitter game recently, and there was no way she was going to let Bieber get the last (wrong) word on this one. (Us Weekly)

OPENER IMAGE: Steve Eichner/WWD/REX Shutterstock.

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