Watch 100 Years Of Men’s Hairstyles In Under 2 Minutes

Think only women have all the fun with their hair? Think again. The latest video from WatchCut (the brains behind all of those "100 years" clips) takes us through 100 years of men's hair and grooming trends. And let us tell you — men's hair has looked pretty damn good over the past century. Or maybe it was just the hunky guy modeling: Samuel Orson, a Seattle-based musician and pro man-bun wearer. The team over at WatchCut (which he says is "super-awesome") spent 10 hours taking Orson through the decades. Dudes have gone through a whole host of styles in the past 100 years. In the early part of the 20th century, it was all about 'staches and greased-down hair. But that changed in the '40s with World War II, when clean-shaven faces and slicked-up styles took over. Long hair made a comeback in the swinging '60s and '70s. Orson's favorite? "The '90s, just because I idolize Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl and it felt good to [look like] a mix of them," he says. For those who are wondering, yes, he did have to shave his beard and cut off all his hair. But Orson, who typically wears his hair in today's man-bun-and-beard style, says he wasn't all that bummed. "Hair grows back." The video was made in partnership with the Movember Foundation, which makes it a work of philanthropy as well as mad eye-candy. Ah, the best of both worlds. Watch the video above, and let us know in the comments which decade was your favorite.

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