Get Ready To Be Obsessed With Werewolf Cats

Photo: Brittney Gobble/Rex/REX USA
There's a new cat to be obsessed with, and they're called Lykoi cats. Sorry, Scottish Fold fans, we're all about the werecat right now.

These werewolf-esque beauties get their unique appearance from a natural mutation in a domestic shorthair that gives the felines werewolf features and prevents them from growing a full coat of fur.

Tennessee-based veterinarian Johnny Gobble, his wife Brittney, and their colleague Patti Thomas founded the breed after receiving a litter of kittens that were a mix of a black domestic shorthair with a natural mutation in the hair follicles. This resulted in no hair growth on their faces.

The Daily Mail
reports that dermatologists at the University of Tennessee examined them for any skin abnormalities, but found no reason for the hair pattern.

"Our cardiologist also performed cardiac scans to look for any structural problems with the hearts," Gobble told the Daily Mail. "In the end, we found that the cats are healthy and the hair pattern is not from any known disease or disorder."

According to the official breeding website, while Lykoi are cats that look like werewolves, they actually act like dogs.

Since the werecat is a new breed, there aren't that many available yet — there's a waitlist! So if you'd like a cat right away, please head down to your local shelter or search Petfinder for a cat to adopt.

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