UMich Student Says Football Player Gave Her STD, In A Very Public Way

Among the fliers for a cappella auditions and free lectures on the University of Michigan campus this week is a very different kind of bulletin-board PSA — a notice accusing campus football star Jabrill Peppers of knowingly infecting its writer with chlamydia.
The author reportedly printed 5,000 of the fliers and plastered them all around the giant Ann Arbor campus — and, of course, lots of photos of the handbills have made their way onto social media. In the notice, she accuses Peppers of infecting her with chlamydia for a second time, after he knew he had the STD. She also implies in the flier, which is addressed as a letter to Peppers, that he used excuses to persuade her to have unprotected sex. She also angrily highlights the fact that the STD could have damaged her reproductive health, had it been untreated. She writes, "I cannot stomach to see your face again knowing you're infecting other young women unbeknownst to them, which as you may know, is a felony." Peppers, for his part, is denying the rumors, calling them slander in a tweet. Today, he posted, "The slander is crazy. My word is all I have, I will continue to walk w. my chest and chin high. People love bringing someone down. #prayedup."
Neither the writer nor Peppers responded immediately to requests for comment from Refinery29.

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