True Or False: The Ghost Of George Washington Is Haunting A Hotel Room

Some Imgur commenters have pointed out that the spooky apparition is the face of Albert Einstein.

But, clearly they aren't up to speed on their George Washington mugshots, because the below spector is an obvious ringer for America's first president. See for yourself. It's uncanny.
Image: Imgur/Mahurtma.
In a post titled "Didn't believe my girlfriend when she said she saw a face on the wall, then I took a picture of it," Imgur user Mahurtma either gave us proof of ghosts or (more likely) proof that sometimes weird water damage to walls can go viral under the right lighting conditions.

Still not sure you're seeing it? No worries. Another user cleaned it up a little bit and — from the looks of his doctored photo — added a little bit of additional shading and possibly a tricorn hat.
Image: Imgur/Thewhyteman.
A sighting just in time for Halloween! How perfectly apropos!

Quick poll though, guys. If you saw this face appear, would you sit tight and reach for the camera or run for your lives? We're probably part of the latter group. #Scaredycatsolidarity.

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