Lauren Conrad's DIY Halloween Costume Is Perfect For A Wild Party

Perennial class-act Lauren Conrad is known for her cute and creative DIY Halloween costumes, and the cat is out of the bag on her outfit this year. Well, okay not a cat, exactly. Today the blogger and designer revealed via her website that she'll be dressing as a deer come October 31. Together with her friends' equally adorable costumes, they make for a pretty wild pack of party animals.

"Every Occtober [sic] I get so excited to get crafty and make a new Halloween costume... And this year, instead of putting together one Halloween costume, I decided to create a group costume for me and my group of girlfriends. Our vision? Equal parts chic and wild. Without further ado, meet the party animals!"

The best part? You can recreate all four costumes yourself using craft store supplies and Conrad's step-by-step instructions. Sounds like a productive way to spend your weekend binge-watch.

So excited to be a bunch of "Party Animals" this Halloween!! Head on over to for tutorials!

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