30 Times One Of Zac Efron’s Muscles Looked Directly At You

Do you know what October 18 is? Just in case you didn’t feel it stirring in your loins and/or in a compulsion to do push-ups, we’ll tell you: It’s Zachary David Alexander Efron’s 28th birthday. Why two middle names? Do you even have to ask? He’s got two middle names because he is a beautiful, spectacular being worthy of two middle names. Hell, he can have all the middle names he wants.
Why? Because even though his box-office efforts sometimes fall short, the glory of Zac Efron is eternal and never-fading. His body is like a summer’s day, though more lovely and more muscular. We’re pretty sure that’s how that sonnet we once had to memorize goes.
See, Zac Efron is totally in on why he’s the complete package, and he seems quite okay with us admiring him like this. As his Neighbors (2014) costar Seth Rogen succinctly put it, “He’s the sexiest motherfucker alive!” But Efron works hard for that title. According to Rogen, Zac works out between takes to make his muscles “pop out more” (is that even possible?). He’s so dedicated to his fitness that he had the Neighbors crew build him an on-set gym.
Yeah, it’s safe to say Zac Efron is totally fit in both the American and British senses of the word. Let’s celebrate his hard work as we look at his hard body in celebration of his special day.

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