10 Celebrity Redheads Who Aren’t Natural Redheads

Two days ago, Grace Coddington, the creative director of Vogue, posted an illustration on Instagram with the caption: "Thanks to my friend Louis Licari, I am a 'natural' redhead! #confession." Obviously, this got the beauty skeptics/investigative journalists in us wondering — and basically questioning everything we've ever known to be true: Is Grace, one of the most notable redheads in the industry, not actually a natural redhead? Is this real life? What's next? Is coconut oil not all it's cracked up to be? The jury's still out on the last one, but the former is, indeed, real life.
Coddington's trademark fiery hair is, in fact, the work of a very talented colorist — Louis Licari. Licari tells us that, while Coddington's hair was red when he first met her, it's not her natural hue (cue the sobs). "Her hair color was less than perfect when she first [sat] in my chair, so we started out correcting it," Licari says of Coddington's first visit to his salon over 20 years ago. "The process was a bit long and tedious. Grace was a champ."
Turns out, Coddington isn't the first big name — and surely won't be the last — to join the faux-ginger club. There's a slew of ladies and gents who have strayed from their au naturel hues. And why shouldn't they? While red is a tough color to maintain, it's an automatic conversation-starter.
If you're thinking of going the red route, keep in mind that the hue isn't for the faint of heart, advises Licari. Some things to consider: "Make sure you have the right complexion. If you have sallow skin, red is almost always a major faux pas," says Licari. "Make sure you're not shy — redheads are always noticed." Also, clear your schedule for frequent trips to the salon. "Red hair is the most fugitive; it literally changes from shampoo to shampoo," he says. "It usually needs to be refreshed often to keep the color constant."
For some inspiration, we rounded up 10 celebrities who ditched their natural colors and went red (if only temporarily, in some cases). You might never see red the same way again.

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