Calvin Harris Responds To Those Massage Parlor (& Taylor Swift Breakup) Rumors

Photo: Josiah Kamau/Getty.
Earlier today, Radar Online published a story that many other outlets quickly circulated: According to the site, Taylor Swift dumped Calvin Harris "after he was caught leaving a Thai massage parlor." Radar also noted that "Taylor Swift just got some fresh material for her next album!" You know, because she's written about breakups in the past. Good one. Defamer added that, according to Yelp reviews, this particular massage parlor provides the "best happy endings" in Hollywood. You don't need to be a law school graduate to know that this in no way means that Calvin Harris was on the receiving end of one such type of manually stimulating massage — but, hey, now his name is out there on the internet in association with "happy endings." Refinery29 didn't report on this earlier because it is completely unsourced gossip. And now, it seems that Calvin Harris agrees — and he's also very, very angry. A little over an hour ago, Harris voiced his disgust with the Radar story on Twitter.
Taylor Swift has yet to speak publicly about the issue (although she did favorite Harris' tweet), but her publicist, Tree Paine, tweeted this warning about believing anything published by Radar.
Andy Cohen asked Selena Gomez if Swift and Harris had broken up when she appeared on his SiriusXM show today. Gomez responded, "I think I would have found that out. Is that a rumor? Honestly, it's stupid. I'm pregnant every week. [Taylor's] gonna be pregnant. It's so stupid, like you can't really read that stuff." Got that, everyone? Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris: still together. Selena Gomez: not pregnant. Calvin Harris: still able to make happy-ending puns when he's upset. Happy Endings: still off the air.

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