The Stars Of Twilight, Then & Now

Photo: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment.
A decade ago today, Stephenie Meyer unleashed a force into the world. Fun fact: That force was almost called Forks. Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, right? Luckily, her agent talked her into changing the title of the saga of Edward the beautiful, sparkly vampire and his lady love Bella to Twilight, and a tale for the ages — or at least four books and five movies — was born.
Naturally, Twilight (2005), New Moon (2006), Eclipse (2007), and Breaking Dawn (2008) were destined to be adapted into a juggernaut film franchise. Like Harry Potter before it, The Twilight Saga became a global sensation, grossing over $1.3 billion at the box office.
Its stars were catapulted into the international spotlight in a way none of them were quite prepared for, especially the franchise's leads, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. The latter still gives interviews in which he recalls how Twihards forced him to become a recluse after Twilight hit theaters in 2008.
Stewart and Pattinson have managed to move past their Twilight fame, though. Some of the other actors who appeared in various installments of The Twilight Saga haven’t been as lucky (wherefore art thou, Taylor Lautner?). On this, the 10th anniversary of Twilight’s release, we decided to check in and see how the cast members have changed since they first appeared in the saga.

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