Emma Watson Explains Why You Shouldn’t Call Her A “White Feminist” In One Perfect Tweet

Photo: Photo by Fotonoticias/WireImage.
Emma Watson hosted an #AskEmma Twitter conversation today, where she chatted about everything from her upcoming movie Regression to getting her yoga teacher certification. But there was one question in particular that stood out. One Twitter user asked, point-blank: "Are you a white feminist?" And as we've come to expect with Watson, her response was intelligent and downright brilliant. "I'm glad this question came up," she wrote. "I've been thinking about it a lot. White feminist implies an exclusion of black women from the movement which I find surprising because my bosses (and the people who gave me the job) are two black women." She continues to expound on all the reasons why people would be mistaken to label her as such. "It implies that I am not aware of my own privilege but I mention my own good luck/fortune/privilege something like 5 times in my UN speech and my wish to make sure other women have access to the same opportunities that I have. It implies a willful ignorance or neglect of the issues surrounding intersectionality." Read on to see the rest of her thoughtful note on the subject. Way to shut down the haters, Emma.

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