These Two Couples Prove You Could End Up With Your Internet Crush

This article was originally published on October 9, 2015.
Between all the swiping, rating, and super-liking, online dating has begun to feel like little more than another Candy Crush — something for you to do on your phone when you want to kill time. But, while the internet may not feel like a spot for finding long-term relationships, that certainly doesn't mean it never happens. Jena Cumbo and Gina Tron's book, We Met On The Internet, is a direct response to this misconception.
In a conversation over email, Cumbo explains that online dating is "definitely not for everyone," but, she continues, "it's becoming pretty ubiquitous... We are connected to the Internet so much of our days that it's really not surprising to me that those connections spur modern love."
Through photos and short essays, the book tells the stories of real-life, committed couples who connected online in a myriad of ways, from the charming to the truly random. Cumbo even mentions to us one couple who found love through a mutual interest in Charles Bukowski's grave. Of the 53 couples that appear in the book, no two are remotely the same.
While that much is clear, Cumbo adds that there was one thing that remained consistent: "We really photographed and interviewed a pretty diverse array of couples in terms of their ages, races, socioeconomic background, and sexuality, but I feel there was a real genuineness to all the couples... I really felt that they truly loved and respected their partners."We Met On The Internet proves that technology can be a remarkably human presence in our daily lives.
Here, Cumbo and Tron share with us the tales of two couples: Noah and Adam, who met on Instagram; and Jessica and Alex, who met on Craigslist. (Side note: If anyone in the comments could link us to the "Meaningful Relationships" Craigslist page, that would be great. We keep getting sent to "Submissive Female Requests.")
Click through to read about how these pairs got together, straight from We Met On The Internet. You can buy the book here.

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