Swiping Right On Tinder Is About To Mean So Much More

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Dating has never really been as simple as "left" or "right," and it looks like Tinder has finally picked up on that. With the app's latest update, you can go from just Liking that cute redhead to Super Liking that cute redhead. And that, dear friend, will make all difference. Rather than swiping super-right (how would you even do that?) to Super Like someone, you simply swipe upward. Not only has Tinder recognized the nuances of human emotion — it has also added a whole new range of motion to its interface. Be warned, though: The Super Like has an expiration date. You only get one to bestow per day, and you have one day to respond to a Super Like before it goes away (because, for the first time ever, you will get to know who has liked you before you match with that person). According to Tinder's market testing, this time crunch pays off — users were three times more likely to match with someone if they noticed they had been Super Liked. After the initial match, conversations born out of a Super Like lasted 70% longer than those that kicked off with a plain-old regular Like. Clearly, the time to find your life partner is now, and only on Tinder. You can check out Tinder's "trailer" for the Super Like below, in which Super Like is anthropomorphized as a leggy, bewigged superhero.

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