Did You Spot These Hidden Chanel Easter Eggs?

We’re firm believers that Karl Lagerfeld would throw the best damn theme party if given the opportunity. And, considering everything that international Fashion Weeks have become, he basically gets a few opportunities each year to do just that. It's evident from Lagerfeld's masterfully produced Chanel fashion shows that he fully grasps the first law of theme-party planning: Pay attention to the details. In an incredibly thorough, borderline-obsessive way, subtle Chanel branding made its way into every aspect of the design house's most recent show, from the obvious (the set and invitations) to the harder-to-spot (pilot-wing pins, seat assignments, cities listed in the flight schedule). In an age when live-streaming and social media have blurred the lines between showgoers and screen-viewers, these easter eggs give big fashion fans a real reason to feel FOMO. Here are a few that the Kaiser snuck in.

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What, you've never seen airport code PACB (or any airport code that's four letters) before? Then you obviously haven't been to a Chanel show. Fun fact: The ATW airport code is also for Appleton, WI, home of the notorious Jen, of Bath and Body Works fame.
Check-in at the Chanel show worked the same as at any other show: Find a person in all-black holding an iPad, give that person your name, receive affirmation that you are indeed you, go sit down. But, some people still went up to the attendants in the middle of the set to receive their seat assignment (no room for upgrades though, unfortunately).
Insert joke about fashion people and baggage.
We're loving those wispy clouds against the blue sky — it was a nice bit of pretend, seeing as the skies outside were less-than-optimal.

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The listed destinations were all past locations of Chanel shows, including Salzburg, NYC, Dallas, and Dubai.

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We'd definitely like to visit the Chanel cockpit to get some of these wings, thankyouverymuch.

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Sure, those light-up shoes might not be ideal for going through security (and we're sure all those chain-link bracelets and necklaces will make you Public Enemy #1 in the metal detector), but we love that they're reminiscent of the lights that illuminate the path to the exit on a plane — on which, incidentally, Chanel held its 2012 haute couture show.

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The bag-layering game that happened on the runway gets an A+.

Gate no. 5 bien sur. Karl's bow @chanelofficial ????✈️

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Obviously, Karl emerges from Gate No. 5.

Chanel family reunion with Karl, Cara, and little Hudson ?! #ChanelAirlines #fromwhereisit

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And, obviously, he recreates airport-reunion hugs with Cara Delevingne and Hudson Kroenig.

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