Man Fired After Making Racist Post About Coworker’s Son

Here's yet another example of how not to behave in the workplace. In September, a white Facebook user, who goes by the name Geris Hilton (according to NewsOne, his real name is Gerod Roth), posted a selfie featuring his coworker’s adorable Black son with a racist caption. His friends were quick to chime in with more racist jokes, all made at the expense of the child. The comments were downright disgusting, including "I didn't know you were a slave owner" and "But Massuh, I dindu nuffin."
The post went viral this week, just days after Hilton was fired and the hashtag #HisNameIsCayden began trending on Twitter. The little boy at the center of the controversy is 3-year-old Cayden Jace. His mother, Sydney Jade, was unaware of the Facebook post until another coworker brought it to her attention. Last week, a friend shared a Facebook post by Jade, where she identified her son Cayden and thanked supporters for their kind words and for speaking out about the exploitation of her son. “This is Cayden Jace! The love of my life, the apple in my eye, my EVERYTHING,” Jade wrote. "We are above all this nonsense that has been going on." She ended her post with the hashtag #HisNameIsCayden.
According to a statement released by the company, Roth was fired from Atlanta's Polaris Marketing Group on Friday.

This morning I was disgusted to learn that one of my former employees made several racially charged comments on his...

Posted by Polaris Marketing Group on Friday, October 2, 2015
"Cayden visits my office almost every afternoon after daycare, he's sat at my dinner table and I consider him a part of the PMG family,” wrote Michael Da Graca Pinto, the company’s president. "The atrocious lies, slander, and racism [Cayden] and his mother have been forced to endure are wholly intolerable.”

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