31 Days Of Halloween Beauty Inspiration

Halloween is up there on our list of favorite holidays — after our birthdays, of course. It's a time when we can let our beauty freak flags fly, in a way that might not be appropriate on most other days of the year. We experiment with makeup and hair looks, channel our favorite pop stars and/or cultural moments, and tweak them so they're unique to our personal styles. Basically, it gives Tom and Donna's Treat Yo' Self Day some serious competition for best day of the year.

Around this time, there's always an overwhelming amount of Halloween beauty inspiration. We're talking YouTube tutorials from our favorite bloggers, runway looks that you can turn into costumes, and the list goes on. As the 31st approaches, we're bringing you daily ideas from around the web. Check back every day to see what we come up with — and leave your "I don't know what to be for Halloween" excuses at home. Let the countdown begin.

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