Is This The Real Reason Blake Lively Is Shutting Down Preserve?

Photo: Mike Pont/Getty Images.
We were more than a little skeptical when Blake Lively first launched her lifestyle and e-commerce site, Preserve. Months later, this happened. But then, a year into the enterprise, the actress admitted that her pet project was far from perfect, with an e-commerce experience that was incredibly confusing for customers. (She also made this really good point: "You don’t see male entrepreneurs pitted against each other, destroyed, picked apart, and every word they say served up to judge.") So, while we weren't entirely surprised to learn that Lively is shutting down her website for good on October 9, we were curious to find out why.
The actress told Vogue she feels like Preserve isn't making a meaningful difference in people's lives, and she wants to start over, building her brand from scratch.
After doing some digging, we're wondering if the merchandise was the real problem. There are overpriced artisanal items for sale on Preserve that would make even the most mason jar-loving of hipsters blush. Granted, the company devotes a portion of its profits to a charity partnership with Covenant House, but still — Lively's millennial fanbase isn't the same crowd who reads goop. And they certainly aren't looking to spend money they don't have on expensive stuff they don't need.
Peep a few of the more egregious items ahead, and stay tuned for Preserve 2.0, which Lively promises will have a major impact on all of us. We've got our fingers crossed that she's right.
*Please note, as of this afternoon, Preserve was experiencing server issues and delays. Some product links may or may not be available.

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