Blake Lively Is Finally Fulfilling Her Dream Of Being An Interior Designer — Kind Of

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Way back in 2009, Blake Lively told Marie Claire, "One day I will have my own interior decorating firm." In that same interview, she explained that she loves antiques and is "fascinated by colors and textures and layering things." Now, nine years later, it look like the actress is making moves to tackle that career goal. Last week, Lively posted a photo to Instagram explaining that she has been dedicating her nights to designing spaces for her friends.
The Instagram photo in question featured a busy pile of different fabric samples, stencils, furniture catalogs, and a giant tile. In the caption accompanying the picture, Lively explained the collection of home decor items. "I design my friends homes. For free. Of all the bad decisions I’ve made, this may be the most fun... Thank you to my daughters for unknowingly loaning me your clothes for 'fabric' inspo, thank you @dmitriyco for the stencils that are way too fun it’s not normal, thank you bathroom for having a lose tile that I could steal for more 'fabric' inspo, and thank you mom for the sleeping disorder that keeps me up all night," Lively wrote.

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Of course, this isn't the first time Lively has dabbled in decor. The actress actually used to curate artisanal items for Preserve, her former digital lifestyle magazine and e-commerce website. Many of the items she picked out were home decor pieces. In 2013, Lively also took charge of designing the kitchen in her and husband Ryan Reynold's new home in Bedford, NY. According to Elle Decor, she worked closely with the president of La Cornue to design a custom ocean blue oven. So, clearly she's had some practice in the interior design game.
Blake Lively may be doing all this designing for free, but these are still steps down the career path she's been interested in for some time. Plus, it sounds like she's enjoying the gig a lot more than most people enjoy their part-time, unpaid internships.

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